Djemaa El Fna Special day life of Marrakesh’s

Marrakesh’s main square is the city’s magical centrepiece, a stage on which street-theatre performances are acted out across the day. Like any accomplished magician, Djemaa El Fna doesn’t reveal all the tricks up its sleeve straight away, meaning you’ll need to revisit it several times during the day to enjoy the full show. Here’s what […]

Where To Find The Best Street Art In Marrakech

Though the street art scene is relatively new to Marrakech, new artworks are making their way to both the old city and the French quarter, known as Gueliz. But hidden away, down unassuming side streets and inside hip cafes and galleries, it’s not that easy to discover Marrakech’s emerging street art installations. In our latest article, we’re […]

Treasure hunting: shopping in Marrakesh

Marrakesh has been a trading town since the 11th century and it can still satisfy the most ardent shopaholic. Its warren of souks are the quintessential Moroccan shopping experience, but there’s more: in-the-know buyers also make a beeline for the design district of Sidi Ghamen or upscale Gueliz for contemporary crafts, one-of-a-kind fashions and that […]